5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

 Free Video Editors For Windows, Mac & Linux

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

Nowadays Video Editing is the most common thing because everyone wants to create videos for their Youtube, Social media and even for Business such everyone needs a good video editor to showcase your products from every angle for Facebook, youtube, Instagram, or anywhere else where you want to show your videos.

Only a few  Free Video Editors are available for  Pc, But everyone can not afford expensive Premium video editing software for their basic editing works.

We Find out a list of the Best Free Video Editors for Pc around the web.

5 Free Video Editors For Pc


Blender is the best free video editing software I have ever seen.
Blender is not just a Video editor it is the free open source 3D creation suite.

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

It supports
  • 3d Pipeline
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Simulation
  • Games Development
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Tracking

It comes with a built-in video sequence editor that allows you to perform more complex tasks like cutting, slicing, etc.

You can also do Masking and color grading in Blender.

Features of Blender

  • CPU & GPU Rendering
  • Sound Synchronization
  • Hi-res Retina  Screen Support
  • Color Grading
  • Luts 
  • Create Animations
  • Option To create games

Available for - Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Blender


Shotcut is an open-source video edting software with a wide range of formats support like 4k, Pro-res, Dnx-HD, etc.

It is the second-best Free Video editor for pc.

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

Features of Shotcut

  • Supports all the latest audio and video formats
  • Webcam capture
  • Native Timeline Editing 
  • Tone mapping Hdr To Sdr
  • All basic features
  • Audio captures
  • Supports 4K

Available For- Windows, Mac & Linux

3- Open Shot

The open shot is one of the best free video editors for beginners.
It has easy to use interface which supports basic to advance all features of video editing.

It supports many formats.  

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

Features of Open shot
  • Animation and keyframe
  • All Video effects
  • Text Editors
  • 3d Animations
  • Unlimited Tracks

Available for- Windows, Mac & Linux 

4- Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker is a product by Microsoft it is free basic video editing software. It provides basic functions like photos slideshow, adding Background music, etc.

It is useful for basic-level editing like social media videos or slideshow presentations.

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

Features of Movie Maker 10
  • Edit basic videos
  • Put the background music of Video
  • Create slideshow
  • Transitions
  • Pan zoom effects
  • Image filter
  • Text captions

Available for- Windows

5- I Movie

I movie is the best free video editing software developed by Apple it is only available for mac and ios, it is a basic video editor with some advanced features also.

5 Best Free Video Editors For Pc 2021

Features of I movie
  • Easily switch between your phone laptop and Ipad
  • Transition Effects
  • Chroma key editing
  • All basic features like cut trim etc.
  • Supports many formats
  • Easy to use Interface


Conclusion- These are the 5 best free video editors for pc now you have to decide which is the perfect choice for you.
If you are a beginner and learning about video edting you should start with Shotcut, Shotcut is easy to use video editor with all advanced features it is a one-pack solution for all our video edting needs from basic to advance.

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