How To Grow Instagram Page Organically in 2021

 How To Grow Instagram Account

How To Grow Instagram Account

Hardly any of you have not heard the name of Instagram, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, nowadays everyone has an Instagram account.

People run Instagram for their entertainment, there are some people who are earning lakhs of rupees a month from this.

Now everyone wants to grow their Instagram account in such a situation, but due to not knowing about some technical things, they are unable to grow their  Instagram account.

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

If you want to grow your personal account then it will only grow from Your Acquaintance.

First of all, you have to ask yourself why people follow you, to grow your Instagram page or account you have to be different from others, you have to provide some value to the users from your content.
If your content helps someone to learn a new thing or anything from some value-added in their life they start following you.

These are the basic fundamentals to grow your Instagram account and increase your follower Now, we are giving you step-by step-guide throw which you can grow you Instagram like a Pro.

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5 Steps to grow Instagram Account

By the way, there are thousands of tips and tricks on the internet throw which you can grow your Instagram account but one person can not apply all these tricks. So we are telling you the most important points on which most of the people don't focus and their account do not grow

So without any further delay lets have a look at the 5 Steps to grow Instagram Account

Step-1 Select Your Niche

Before starting an Instagram page you have to decide your niche, Niche is a particular topic or subject on which you post content daily. Your niche can be anything you know about more it can be dancing, Singing, Quotes writing, Technical Knowledge, or anything.

You have to select the niche of your interest because if you start posting content of a different niche  There will a time come when you have no idea what to post.

So select your niche very carefully because the niche decides that your Instagram will grow or not.

Step-2 Setup Your Profile

Your profile plays an important role in your growth on Instagram if you optimize your profile in the right way you may get thousands of followers due to your Instagram profile. 
Building a perfect Profile on Instagram is also a heavy task you have to focus on each and every element in your profile like username, name, bio, etc. 
We are giving you few tips to optimize your Instagram profile so that more of the people who were interested in your content follow you. 

How to Optimize Instagram Profile 

Select Right username

Selecting the right username on your Instagram helps you to reach more people. Your username must not contain any special character or number you have to choose any full keyword like...
How To Grow Instagram Account

Select name  according to Your Niche

The name in your Instagram profile also engages users. Choosing a name according to your niche helps you in growth.

In initial growth, days don't select your brand name as a name in your Instagram profile because in starting nobody knows you from your name they know you because of your content.

So, select a name related to your niche on which peoples search about.

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Write Catchy Bio

Writing an Interesting bio is the main part of the Instagram profile optimization which helps you in your growth on Instagram.
How To Grow Instagram Account

Your Bio should a short introduction about you and your content, with some emojis (emojis attracts people it is human psychology). If you have a website or youtube channel must put its link in Bio.

Your Bio Represents you in front of new users who came to your profile. So make sure your Bio should be very top-notch.

Step-3 Make Your personal Branding  

If you want to succeed on Instagram quickly, you want to stay in the eyes of people for a long time, then you have to do your personal branding in every post.

Personal branding means that whatever content you choose, you will have to edit it yourself and select one of your templates, and put them in it.

How To Grow Instagram Account

Every post should have your name and your website name so that no one else can access your content and you get full credit for your content

Step-4  Start Posting

After completing the above 3 steps it is time to post your content.
You should upload at least one post daily on your Instagram.

Always post that type of content that adds some value to the user's life. Try to post what peoples want, not what you want.
Always try to help peoples and solve their problems with your content.

There are some tips for you to post content on Instagram so that your followers increase as soon as possible.

Tips To Grow Instagram

  • At least one post daily
  • Post Reels daily
  • Minimum 1 IGTV Video in a week
  • Write proper Caption
  • Use #tags related to your Niche

How to use hashtags Properly in Instagram

Nowadays many digital marketing agencies claim that hashtags do not help in Instagram Growth but it is total bullshit.
Using proper hashtags helps you to reach more peoples who are interested in you niche.

Using Hashtags is not a  heavy task You have to write a minimum of 20# in your post. You should use.
  • 5 Big # tags
  • 5 small #tags
  • 5 very small #tags
  • 5 other related (like your personal brand name)

Step-5 Be Consistent

Instagram is now becoming a serious platform you should work daily & hard to grow on Instagram. Try to upload at least one post and tell every day with proper use of hashtags related to your niche.

There is a very famous quote
 Consistency is the key to Sucess


If you want to grow your Instagram page or account you should follow these steps.

If you are looking for fast growth then these steps don't work for you anymore because Instagram is a serious platform that analyzes you many days after that it promotes your account in the suggestion and search bar.

There are many other options for fast growth on Instagram like paid promotion on other pages or Instagram ads.

But it all depends on your content if your content is not so good then you can not grow on Instagram ethically.

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