Instagram,Facebook,Whatsapp, Twitter getting banned in India

 Social media ban In India

Is Instagram,facebook,Whatsapp, Twitter getting banned in India

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp ban in India 

About 3 months ago, the Indian Government introduced new rules for social media and streaming platforms, the last date to follow is May 26 and no company has followed these rules yet.
May 26 is the last date to implement these rules, in such a situation it is a big headache for social media companies.

However, there is no possibility of becoming Instagram, Facebook Twitter, Whatsapp right now, it is just that if companies do not follow these new rules as soon as possible, then there will be a risk of legal action on them.

New Guidelines For Social media in India

To understand this better, let us see what are the new rules issued by Government.

1 - If a person asks for unsolicited information on a person posting an offensive on Twitter, then the handover will have to provide that user's information immediately to the government.

 2- For companies like Whatsapp, it is a rule that if a message is viral and if the operator wants to find out who sent this message first, it means that WhatsApp has to remove its End-to-End Encryption Feature in India 

3- All tech companies will have to appoint their own redressal officer, in such a situation, if the user makes a report or asks for help, he will have to answer it within 24 hours.

4-All social media companies must inform users Before Removing their content from their Platforms.

5- And finally all companies will have to appoint two IT officers in India, who are 24x7 in the service of the government so that they can get help immediately whenever necessary in any legal proceedings.

There are many other regulations imposed by the goverment, but this is the most among them.

Now the question is whether all the apps on Facebook Instagram Twitter Whatsapp will be closed from tomorrow, it is not that this is a very long process and it is going to happen that soon all the companies will follow the new rules.

Frequently asked Questions on social Media Ban in India 

1- Is all social media banned in India? 

Ans- No These rules are only for some companies like Facebook Instagram Twitter and Whatsapp

2- Which social media apps are going to ban in India? 

Ans- The apps that don't apply new rules to their platforms will become banned.

3-Is there any ban on social media? 

Ans- Yes, According to new IT guidelines 

4- Is WhatsApp going to be banned in India in 2021? 

Ans - yes if the company doesn't comply with the new guideline provided by the government.

5- Which all apps are banned in India tomorrow?

Ans- The apps that don't apply new rules to their platforms will become banned.

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