Battelgrounds Mobile India - Pre Registration Started


Battlegrounds India Pre Registration


India is already under the top five countries globally for mobile gaming and is expected that is heading towards the top three. India is a leading Country in Mobile gaming There are many Mobile gamers from India who played international mobile gaming Tournaments.

After the PUBG Mobile India Ban, many gamers and streamers become jobless because they are making money from gaming and PUBG mobile is the Biggest Mobile game ever made.

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PUBG Mobile Re-launching In Indian

PUBG Mobile is Now re-launching in India With a new name 'Battlegrounds Mobile India". The Developers of PUBG mobile Krafton inc. have shared some information about the game.

Pre-Registration for Battleground Mobile India is now started on the Play store

Battleground India  Pre Registration

Battleground India Pre Registration is now started officially on the play store you can Pre Register for Battleground India On the play store, You will get some reward after launching the game.

Pre -Register Now - Click here

Key highlights By Krafton 

1.Krafton promises that data protection and privacy will be the  top priorities in the new Battelground  Mobile India

2.Battlegrounds  Mobile India now will come with  new features and more seamless performance.


Battlegrounds India Launch Date

According to the Youtuber, "master" Battlegrounds India may arrive at the end of June 2021 in India.
This will be a perfect time for the company to re-introduce the game.

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