Top 5 ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

Top 5 ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

How To Earn Money Online without investment? 

5 ways to earn money online sounds good right, but some peoples doubt that they can not earn money online, But it's 2021  There are many ways to start a good earning at your home by working only 4 to 5 hours daily. Millions of peoples earning more than their 9 to 5 jobs, You just want to start, so for those who want to earn money online, we are Going to tell you about the top 5 ways to earn money online without investment so you can start earning online. You can start these works whenever you want.

5 Ways to earn money online

By the way, there are many ways from which you can start earning online but not all of these methods works for everyone so after research and our experience we selected the top 5 ways to earn money online.

These are

1-Instagram Page 

Almost every youth nowadays uses Instagram for entertainment, but some people also use Instagram For their own growth and earning. Now, You have to select your path what you want.
I think you decided your path, right so let's just dive into it.

How to earn money from Instagram - 

To start earning from Instagram you have to find out your skills in any field like Dancing, Cooking, Quotes writing, Technology, Finance advice, mems, or anything you like. Now, after selecting your niche you have to start posting content on Instagram with proper use of #tags so most peoples can see your content and start following you. 

When you get more than 1000 followers on Instagram you can monetize your Instagram page by Following methods,

  • Paid promotions
  • Other pages Shoutouts
  • Brand Deals
  • By selling your own product

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How to grow Instagram Fast- 

Growing an Instagram account is one of the popular questions nowadays because Instagram is regularly changing its algorithm to grow Instagram accounts you have to follow proper strategies to grow your Instagram account as soon as possible.

There are some main methods from which you can grow your Instagram 
  1. Post Quality Content.
  2. Daily post minimum 2-3 posts.
  3. Post 1 Reel every day.
  4. Use 15 Big #tags and 15 small #tags in every post.
  5. Daily post at the same time 
  6. The best time to post is 7am to 3pm and after 12 am.

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It is not possible that you have not heard that you can earn money online from Youtube almost every people in the world who uses the Internet used Youtube. Youtube is the world's second-biggest search engine. 
To start earning from youtube you have to select your niche on which you upload videos, earning from youtube is very simple nowadays you just have to upload videos daily after completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch hour you can start monetization of your youtube channel and start earning online.

How to Grow Youtube channel-

There are some key points you have to follow to grow your youtube channel fast.
  1. Upload quality content
  2. Upload videos regularly
  3. Upload minimum 1 video daily
  4. Design attractive Thumbnail
  5. Write proper description
  6. Do keyword research before uploading a video
  7. Do not clickbait

3- Blogging

Blogging is one of the best methods to earn money online Blog is Your own website on which you have to post articles like videos on youtube, just like you are reading this article so basically we are doing blogging.

Blogging is like Youtube. On youtube, you have to post content in video format, and in blogging, you have to post articles in text format it is just another way to share your content.

How to start earning from Blogging

There are many ways to earn money from blogging some are
  1. Advertisements on your website
  2. Guest post
  3. Promoting others
  4. Selling own courses or products

How to Start Blogging

There are many tools on the internet from which you can start your blog but two of them are very popular and useful

Blogger - Blogger is a product by google on blogger you can start your own blog or website absolutely free.
You just have to go to and create your blog. 
There are many videos on YouTube from which you can learn how to create a blog in a blogger. 

WordPress - WordPress is basically a cms (content management system) it is used to create any type of website like blog, e-commerce, personal, etc. It is a very professional tool but there is a drawback in WordPress that you have to purchase a domain and hosting to start a website on WordPress. 
So if you are ready for some investment you can also go with WordPress. 

If  you are starting blogging for the first time then you should go for blogger because  in starting you have to learn first about blogging before doing any investment so,

  • Start with blogger
  • Learn all about blogging
  • Learn SEO 
  • Write Quality posts 
  • Be consistent 
  • At least 1 post daily

4- Freelancing 

Freelancing means making money in exchange for any of your skills. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you know Web Designing and you used to do the job of Web Designer in a company earlier. So some information tells you that can you design my site too? And you say yes.

You design the site, and on completion of the work, he gives you the payout for your work. So this whole process of working is called Freelancing or Freelancing Job. And those who do freelancing are called freelancers.

Many freelancing sites are available but some of them are frauds also so, a new user can not able to understand which site is genuine or which is fake so for our readers we find top freelancing websites. These ar

5- Affiliate marketing

 It is the best method to earn money online Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing in which a person promotes or recommends products from another company or organization through one of his sources, such as a blog or website. In return, that company or organization gives some commission to that person. There is different commission according to different products. This commission can be a percentage of the sale or a certain amount. These products can be anything from a web hosting to clothing or electronics.

How To start affiliate marketing

There are many ways to start Affiliate marketing like 

  • Social media
  • Own Website
  • Forums
  • Youtube

NOTE- Affiliate marketing works with all of these above methods to earn money online.

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How to earn from Affiliate marketing

The company or organization that wants to promote its products offers its Affiliate Program. Now any other person like a blog or website owner joins that program, then the company or organization gives him a banner or link etc. to promote their products on their blog or website. Now in the next step, that person takes that link or banner on his blog or website in different ways. Now that person's blog or website gets a lot of visitors. When a visitor clicks on that link or banner, reaches the website of the company or organization offering the affiliate program, and buys something or signs up for a service, the company or organization commissions him in return.

Almost 80% of the companies in the whole world use affiliate marketing to sell their product it is a win-win situation for the seller, affiliate marketer, and customer.
There are many affiliate companies available in which you can promote the product of many companies by creating only one account. Some of the best affiliate Companies are.

  1. Amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. Cj
  4. V Commissions


These are all the top 5 ways to earn money online without investment.

There are thousands of ways from which you can earn money online but all you have to do that start from any one of them you like most and reliable to you.
If you are just watching videos and reading articles you can never start earning online.
We have some Strategies from which you can start earning online 

You have to start doing anything, not necessarily you got success in 1 day or a week, you have worked consistently to start earning.

  • Start from the method which is simple for you
  • Be consistent about your work
  • provide Quality content to your user
  • After successfully start earning by any method go to another one for extra income 

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